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Software Defined Secure Storage Solutions,
with Compliance Orchestration

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The KOMpliance family of Secure Storage Solutions from KOM Networks redefines how enterprises deploy and protect their valuable digital assets instantly, automatically, and without exacting performance penalties for users or existing applications.

Deploy KOMpliance as a secure Virtual Server in Virtual Environments, as a secure NAS Storage Server with SAS/SATA RAID storage arrays, or as a secure storage area network (SAN) Gateway in front of any iSCSI or FC SAN backend to leverage existing storage investments.

KOMpliance employs patented Hard Disk WORM technology and encryption to meet the most stringent mandates for tamperproof data protection, data authentication and data security in any operating environment using any combination of HDD and SSD iSCSI SAN attached storage.

Its all-inclusive feature set includes a streamlined acquisition and deployment process, automated storage management, comprehensive data security, enterprise-class performance and reliability, and seamless pay-as-you grow expansion.


A New Breed of Data Storage Solutions

KOMpliance is changing the old fashioned concepts of secure data storage. You no longer have to sacrifice performance and accessibility to address security and compliance regulations, or vice versa. In today’s digital world, important data must also be accessible data. Don’t settle for less when you can get everything you need with KOMpliance.

Secure Storage that Adapts to Your Needs

KOMpliance is available in three configurations, all available with our patented WORM technology:

  • The Virtual Server for secure data storage and compliant records retention in virtual environments.
  • The NAS Storage Server, a highly-scalable solution that is easily expanded to meet growth requirements.
  • The SAN Gateway that easily and seamlessly integrates with any industry-leading third-party SAN storage solution to provide the additional level of security you need on any HD or SSD storage array.

Intuitive Yet Comprehensive Interface…

KOMpliance’s Management Console uses an intuitive look-and-feel interface that is immediately familiar to Windows Administrators. 

Leverage the Windows Eco-System with full out-of-the-box pre-configuration for all file sharing standards and operations

Using the wide range of customizable options, administrators can easily create and implement File Lifecycle Management policies that meet all applicable compliance requirements, and apply them to specific classes of files and even individual files. These intelligent, rules-based policies can also be easily modified whenever needed – with the exception of course that retention periods can never be shortened.


Instant Regulatory Compliance & Security…

KOMpliance was designed to address the widest range of compliance regulations and requirements with minimal effort and impact, and includes:

  • File retention enforcement 
  • Tamperproof data security and protection with flexible file level policies
  • Enhanced security with built-in data encryption and secure data shredding

Each KOMpliance volume is Encrypted for data privacy to meet all data-at-rest security requirements and protect data from unauthorized access. Whether your requirements are driven by HIPAA, PCI, or NIST, KOMpliance lets you meet them. Managing risks and meeting regulations is a breeze with KOMpliance.

The KOMpliance Windows NAS file server interface delivers a high-performance, reliable and affordable storage platform that creates secure WORM archive storage volumes on any Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or Solid State Drive (SSD) Storage arrays regardless of whether they are direct or SAN attached.

Simply point applications and users to KOMpliance managed volumes and get Compliant right away!


Simple to Install and Easy to Manage…

KOMpliance Virtual Server installs in a single operation on a Virtual Host Machine.

KOMpliance Storage Server is a true, turn-key solution with everything you need to install, deploy and administer a secure storage environment included right out of the box.

KOMpliance SAN Gateway can be out of the box, on the network, and writing to a secure storage volume in under 30 minutes.

KOMpliance runs on Windows Storage Server 2012, as well as 2008 R2, and integrates readily into all Active Directory Services, enforcing all group policies and ACLs for painless deployment and streamlined setup.

Compliance Orchestration reduces the administrative overhead associated with data archiving and regulatory compliance such as managing data growth, implementing an ILM strategy or establishing a disaster recovery plan – saving you time and money. This lets IT immediately get back to business without any time-consuming training and babysitting setup.


Get the most out of your storage resources…

Virtual Server lets you take full advantage of the many operational and cost benefits provided by Virtual Environments, including no up-front hardware expenses. Simply install on a VM host.

If you own a SAN, adding a KOMpliance Gateway lets you leverage its full benefits, flexibility and capabilities. You can scale and grow on demand by simply extending your KOMpliance capacity license.

Both the Virtual Server and SAN Gateway versions adhere to strict compliance and data retention regulations and rules with the security of WORM tamperproof storage

We are lowering the barriers and making it easy to protect your data with the storage you already own. Whether it is simple secure archive or complex retention, KOMpliance makes it possible with a few clicks in a familiar Windows setting!


New Rules… KOMpliance is a game changer

Creating a secure volume doesn’t require you to purchase additional storage from KOM; just repurpose your existing storage resources. In most cases KOMpliance can replace existing iSCSI SAN gateway file servers to support both secure and non-secure volumes and share them out to the network.


Discover the Savings…

As providers of data protection, we recognize that it is your data. Our only role is to protect it and only for as long as you want to keep it. Based on more than 3 decades of experience meeting our customers’ data protection needs, we designed KOMpliance to ensure that there is No Vendor Lock-in. Our customers can always move their data elsewhere leveraging KOMpliance’s standard file server interface.

This basic capability provides a natural environment for storing and protecting data without the need of any application upgrades, retooling or retraining. KOMpliance simply offers a Zero Learning Curve environment.

Everything you need to know to use KOMpliance with any application in any environment to protect and secure files is knowledge and expertise you already have.

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with an all-inclusive solution that leverages any storage infrastructure

User Friendly…

Best of all you can apply existing Windows administrative talent and expertise to manage a standard enterprise class server deployed as a NAS or as a gateway with your SAN volumes. KOMpliance leverages the Windows Eco-System for all file sharing standards and operations, using common tasks such as copy-and-paste or drag-and-drop.

Your staff can immediately become productive with KOMpliance.


Discover what makes KOMpliance Secure Storage so simple to manage

KOMpliance Features & Benefits

Advanced Data Security and Protection, Automated Information Lifecycle Management, and more ...
Ease of Installation, Reduced Costs, and more ...

Secure Storage Server

Turn-key, secure network storage solutions for SMBs/SMEs, Departments and Enterprises

Virtual Server

Secure data storage and compliant records retention solution for the virtual environment

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Leverage existing SAN resources by adding regulatory compliant protection