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KOMpliance Storage Server

Turn-key Software Defined Secure Storage Solution

It's everything you need in one box...

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storage repository

A Universal Secure Storage Repository

As businesses expand, the need to consolidate data stored across multiple PCs, servers, laptops and other electronic devices into a single, secure universal storage repository becomes increasingly important. Because only when data is centrally stored can it be efficiently shared and updated and, more importantly, archived, retained and safeguarded from threats and disasters.


Discover KOMpliance;
A WORM NAS Storage Server

Discover the benefits of a WORM NAS – Discover KOMpliance, a Network Attached Storage Server enhanced with patented WORM hard disk storage management software designed to help small, medium and large enterprises fully secure their critical data; meeting their business, industry and regulatory compliance requirements, while still keeping it accessible for authorized users and applications. And all at a more affordable price.

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storage security

Uncompromised Storage Security

KOMpliance delivers the full benefits and flexibility of an enterprise class archive solution with all the best-of-breed security features including encryption, hard disk WORM archiving and secure erasure at a price every business can truly afford. Patented WORM technology (e-WORM) creates secure write-once volumes on any hard disk or solid state drive, preventing any modifications or deletions and assuring data authenticity to satisfy the strictest compliance requirements, including SEC, FISMA, HIPAA, PCI, SOX, etc.


No Fuss … Set It and Forget It

With KOMpliance Storage Server, KOM Networks combines its patented secure WORM hard disk storage technology with familiar standard enterprise-class storage servers on a Windows platform to provide a solution that seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure and business applications, simplifies the security and protection of digital assets, and keeps acquisition costs at a minimum.

storage set_forget
storage-affordable nas

Affordable Secure NAS for Business

KOMpliance helps businesses save time and money by eliminating the need to manage separate complex and proprietary storage silos. Most businesses have to cope with ongoing budgetary constraints that impact their ability to deploy secure storage solutions and impede compliance. The standard NAS file sharing interface appeals to the existing talent and administrative expertise already familiar with the use cases of file server. Smaller businesses with limited financial and technical resources can benefit immediately by deploying KOMpliance as a windows NAS file server that simply works within their existing application and user framework.

Easy to Use & Simple to Manage

KOMpliance ships as a turnkey solution, pre-configured, ready to add to the network. You can employ any existing Active Directory Groups and policies that are applied to any other file server on the network. Simply point existing applications to a secure KOMpliance volume and start securing your data in minutes. Everything you need to know to install and use KOMpliance is knowledge you already have.

Protection & Compliance

A business grade NAS (Network Attached Storage server) running Windows Storage Server 2012 and the KOMworx™ storage management software suite, KOMpliance provides the kind of bulletproof protection, comprehensive compliance, and intuitive policy based storage management interface that small organizations and branch offices need.

storage easy_simple

Flexible Configurations, Scalable Capacities

This turn-key solution includes RAID 5 storage, either internal or external, is available in base capacities starting at 1TB, and can be set up on your network in as little as 30 minutes. Additional storage capacity can easily be added as needed to accommodate increasing data and application storage needs. As such, it is ideal for SMBs and Enterprises that do not have excess SAN storage capacity but need to add secure, regulatory compliant network storage capacity. Buy only what you need today and easily expand as you grow.


KOMpliance Storage Server Series



With base storage capacities ranging from 1TB up to 12TB, the E-Series is ideally suited to address the needs of SMEs with more modest capacity requirements but still requiring the highest levels of data security.



The X-Series models use internal RAID 5 storage arrays in capacities that start at only 4TB and go up to 36TB.

The X-Series can address the needs of businesses with more modest capacity requirements as well as those of medium-sized enterprises.



The Z-Series models store data in external storage enclosures. Storage capacities, based on model, range from 15TB to 36TB. Additional storage can easily be added as needed.

Storage Server Series Comparison Chart
Departmental SMB/SME Enterprise
e thumb

Entry-level SAN protection
with internal storage

x thumb

Secure SAN Storage
for the SME /SMB

x thumb

Expandable External storage
to meet Enterprise needs

2x Gigabit Ethernet

4x Gigabit Ethernet

4x Gigabit Ethernet

# Drive Bays
Max 4

# Drive Bays
Max 12

# Drive Bays

Base Storage Capacities
1TB, 2TB, 4TB, 8TB, 12TB

Base Storage Capacities
4TB, 8TB, 12TB, 16TB,
24TB, 36TB

Base Storage Capacities

Expansion Storage

Expansion Storage

Expansion Storage
12TB, 15TB, 24TB, 30TB, 36TB

Do you need a secure NAS solution for your company, but want to avoid the many complications and costs often associated with them? Then you owe it to yourself and your company to find out more about the KOMpliance Storage Server.

Find out now how we can deliver a turn-key system tailored to meet your company's current and future secure data storage needs while saving you money now and down the road.


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