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WORM HDD & SSD Storage

Create WORM Compliant Secure Storage on any HDD or SSD

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Absolute protection of critical business data doesn't have to mean reinventing the wheel or breaking the bank. If you already have the storage, KOMpliance lets you simply create secure volumes and start writing to it.

Call today and find out how KOMpliance leverages your existing storage investment to create regulatory compliant and secure, long-term storage. If you need additional storage, KOMpliance makes that easy too! 1+(888) 556-6462 or 1+(613)599-7205


What is WORM HDD and SSD?

Software-enabled WORM (Write-Once-Read-Many) HDD / SSD is the most reliable, cost-effective, and flexible technology available for securing archived or other critical data against alteration or loss.

Why do You Need WORM Protection?

While there are many specific reasons, they basically fall into one of two main categories:

  1. Meeting all of your regulatory and legal requirements while avoiding legal liabilities.
  2. Ensuring long-term access to and rapid retrieval of crucial documents.

Government Regulation

An increasing number of government regulations require firms to preserve certain types of records and documents for specified periods of time and to protect them from alteration or corruption. Some of these regulations, such as SEC 17a-4 which is used as the basis for many other regulations, specifically allow the use of Hard Disk Drive (HDD) WORM storage to meet data compliance and retention requirements.

Legal Liability

eDiscovery, or electronic discovery request, is now commonly used in civil suits. Court rulings have specified and enforced requirements for the minimum availability and maximum retrieval times of requested material. Companies that have been unable to meet these requirements have faced large fines and even lost cases.


Data Security & Protection

Networked storage technologies, such as FC and iSCSI-SAN and NAS, are ubiquitous because of their many benefits which include lower costs of deployment, increased ease and speed of deployment, increased user response times, and high scalability. They do have a potential downside though in that the data stored on them can be more vulnerable to corruption and theft.

We are experts in protecting data stored on NAS devices and enterprise SANS. Call today to speak with a consultant and discover how KOMpliance can easily meet your company's secure storage needs. 1+(888) 566-6462 or 1+(613)599-7205


Data Growth

The old strategy of simply storing everything forever on Tape or Optical drives is no longer a practical option for a variety of economic and legal reasons. For many companies today, getting data storage right means balancing a combination of factors: the growth of networked storage, the need to provide greater internal access to stored material, an increasingly strict regulatory climate, and the constant threat of data breaches. Given these conflicting technological, business, and regulatory demands, HDD WORM storage is often the only economically feasible solution for many firms.

You can call and speak with a consultant today to find out how KOMpliance can meet your company's long-term and archive data storage needs. 1+(888) 556-6462 or 1+(613)599-7205



KOM Networks pioneered the development and implementation of WORM storage on HDD and Solid-State Drives (SSD). e-WORM is the KOM Networks technology that provides true, regulatory compliant, Write-Once, Read-Many storage on Hard Disk and Solid State Drives.

The e-WORM solution uses client-set, policy-based rules to determine which records are stored on the protected WORM volumes and the compliance rules and retention periods that are applied to each record. Highly-scalable and capable of securely storing very large amounts (100s of Petabytes) of data on your network, e-WORM is the ideal solution for many use cases.