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Improve Archiving of ERP Data with KOMpliance


Enterprise resource planning solutions hold a company’s most valuable data and have unique storage requirements. Unless manufacturers can manage the data onslaught that often follow the implementation of an ERP application, they may not be able to leverage the efficiencies critical to cost-justification in the first place.

A critical aspect to achieving ERP objectives is having a solid foundation for storing, securing, accessing and archiving important enterprise data. KOMpliance coupled with an ERP application provides that foundation and the data assurance you are looking for in terms of long-term protected storage.

If you’ve implemented an ERP solution to equip your business with the tools you need to cut cost, improve customer service, raise efficiency and make smarter decisions faster, then don’t stop there…add KOMpliance to fully protect your data, your investment and your competitive edge.


  • Increases productivity by reducing the time it takes to find, retrieve and respond to time-sensitive business-critical data
  • Enhances business value by fully protecting ERP data
  • Minimizes operational costs with an easy to adopt and manage vendor neutral secure storage solution
  • Integrates with many ERP applications such as SAP, Microsoft and Oracle

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