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Regulatory Compliance

Add KOMpliance to Meet Regulatory Compliance Requirements

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A complex web of government and industry regulations mandates data protection, privacy, and retention policies for stored data. Complying with these regulations can create an extra burden for company IT departments already struggling to stay within their operating budgets. While organizations of all sizes need to meet these requirements to avoid fines, sanctions, and other more serious penalties, this burden disproportionately affects SMBs/SMEs.


Learn how the KOMpliance series of Virtual ServerStorage Server, and SAN Gateway solutions are engineered to meet compliance requirements while reducing ownership costs.

Regulatory Compliance Features

Blocks File Visibility and Prohibits File Access Makes files accessible only to applications that know the actual full file name and path.
No-bypass Protection Automatically enforces protections, such as Read-Only, on an individual file basis; ensuring specified files and directories cannot be modified, altered, or overridden in any way, not even by the file’s creator/owner or a privileged user.
Flexible Retention Policies Set policies for individual files, groups of files, or file extensions from specific applications (.doc, .msg, .eml, .tif, .jpg, .xls, etc.,).
Transparent Immediate Protection Automatically applies protection policies to files instantaneously, at the time of creation. Protection remains in force until files are eligible to be destroyed.
Transparent Automated Archiving Archive process does not adversely affect application performance and authorized applications and users retain normal file access.
AES-256 Encryption Support Exceeds industry standards (AES-128) for protection and privacy of stored data.
SHA-256 Digital Signature Support Ensures non-repudiation of data by making sure file contents have not changed over time as retention data are migrated from one media to another.

Industries We Serve

KOMpliance solutions provide the tools and flexibility to enable firms of all sizes, and across highly regulated industries, to meet their compliance requirements.

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