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KOMpliance Increases Data Security and Regulatory Compliance Levels of Sensitive Data

Public sector and government budgets are under pressure to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve service levels all while meeting strict regulatory requirements for data privacy, security, protection and long-term retention. As a result, most government organizations are forced to do more with less.

With the booming growth of data across government and public sector organizations, anything less than KOMpliance Secure Storage solutions will drain an agency’s IT budget. Learn how KOMpliance vendor neutral tamperproof WORM hard disk storage solves big data challenges and lowers the cost of ownership.


Security & Protection

KOMpliance provides demonstrable end-to-end data security for agencies and organizations operating with sensitive records and information.

  • Absolute protection from change or deletion of archived data using our patented hard disk WORM technology.
  • AES-256 encryption protects privacy of confidential documents and emails.
  • SHA-256 digital signature for authentication.
  • Customization of policies for individual file groups.
  • Retention policies are automatically enforced.
  • Retention periods can be extended but never removed or shortened.
  • Secure Data shredding means that information in deleted files is truly gone and can never be misused.

Easy Integration & High Performance

KOMpliance Storage works with most major applications to provide high levels of data availability.

  • Proven compatibility with major application vendors.
  • Open standards and protocols simplify integration with existing systems.
  • High-performance archiving and retrieval rates keep up with the heaviest workloads.

Flexible & Cost Efficient

KOMpliance’s flexibility and scalability allows agencies and organizations to leverage existing storage infrastructure and purchase only what they need today and scale “on the fly” for future storage needs.

  • Appliance form factor (integrated software and storage solution) enables rapid installation and setup.
  • Non-proprietary (vendor agnostic) connectors reduce costs and prevent vendor lockin.
  • Utilize existing FC/iSCSI SAN resources.
  • Windows Server OS leverages in-house IT expertise and supports large Windows application ecosystem.
  • Multiple Storage ServerGateway , and Virtual Server configurations.
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity options available.

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